Sunday, August 3, 2014


This week was full of highs and lows. The death of my mentor Dick Smith has made it a very sad week. I began corresponding with Dick in 1983 when I was 18 years old. Now I am 50. He was  an active part of my life for 32 years. More like a favorite Uncle to me. He was a tough teacher. Very brutal because he wanted  you to be the best you could be. I loved him and he loved me and he let me know it. God rest his kind soul. There shall never be another Dick Smith. In 1990 my father died from cancer it had been a rough battle that lasted 3 years and Dick had been there with me in spirit.  I had received a small inheritance and was able to afford to take his course. It took me many tries to get to the level he considered professional.  By the time I had he'd moved to Florida and had to stop giving certificates, but he sent mine anyhow. He told me any make-up artist would be proud to have done the quality of work that I had done. It made my decade.

Progress continues on the current releases.  Joker#1 has been delivered, 2-3 are curing up for seaming and finishing, #4 is in the mold.

 The new wigs arrived for the Cesar Romero Joker busts. I went right to work styling one up in Cesar's wild green pompadour  hair style. I think they'll work really well.
 This is Cesar Romero Joker #3 on the dry line. The eyes have been trimmed out for the glass eyes the deluxe editions will have.
 My work station in the front end of my studio. This is where all the seaming, painting and finishing goes on. It's set up similarly to the way Dick Smith had his desk in his old basement shop in Larchmont New York.


Carolyn Stoddard Vampire form House of Dark Shadows on the mold making table awaiting to be set in stone.

 The Carolyn Vampire mold after cleaning drying out while Joker #4 dries in the mold next to it.

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